About BaaS

BaaS, a smart service platform based on blockchain technology.

We are committed to building a smart service platform based on blockchain technology to make this technology easier to use. The accessing needs for enterprises can be met by connecting to various professional service resources (storage, computing, memory, devices and applications) in the BaaS network.

BaaS platform is an open platform. Any resources based on BaaS smart protocol can be connected to BaaS platform.

BaaS Feature

Community Oriented

Although we have entity company and core development team, BaaS platform should be community oriented. We are simply a member of our community; therefore, anyone can join us, help and develop BaaS platform.

Open platform

BaaS platform’s principle is “plug-and-play” which allows developers to incorporate BaaS platform to their system without modifying the original systems architecture.

Secure network

BaaS platform adopts a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. As time goes by, a 51% attack is very unlikely and it is also pointless to do so.





Environmentally Friendly

BaaS Platform is environmentally friendly, because it doesn't need traditional “Miners” or high electricity cost to maintain the operation of the network.

Multichain-capable blockchain

Multichain-capable blockchain is not sidechain-capable blockchain. Its purpose is to make heterogeneous' blockchain data element on BaaS platform (network) identifiable and accessible.

Smart Protocol

Smart protocol is BaaS platform's unique designing concept with the aim to connect the professional service resources on BaaS platform (network) to make it work coordinately.

About Us & FAQ's

About the team

Our technical team has 10 years of experience. In the past ten years, we have provided professional platforms, engines and middleware services to enterprises. Our PaaS platform has been adopted and developed by a number of enterprises.

We have our own budget, research and development funding as well as income from sales to maintain the operation of the team.

Most of the team members have worked in listed companies and transnational listed companies. They have more than 15 years of technology development experience and industry experience, while some members have made great contributions to other blockchain programs on the market.

Can you explain the allocation between the founding team and the community?

In order to avoid ICO, the founding team has invested more than USD $1million in advance and it is still increasing. For the returns of this investment, the founding team will hold 20% shares of BaaS platform. The rest of the shares will be shared with the community.

What's our development plan?

What is BAS?

BAS is the only token of BaaS platform (network), which can be used to activate, purchase and use various service resources. It is not cryptocurrency. Although we adopted the same technologies, they are fundamentally different.


Hello, Blockchain!

Apr 12, 2019

Website Launched.

Apr 16, 2019